Gray Divorce Doubled-A Real Estate Nightmare

I was shocked when I read a recent headline: 

Divorce rate for adults ages 50+ has doubled in past 25 years.

Imagine, heading full stem ahead into your retirement years and you can't stand your spouse. But a recent Pew Research Center report says that is what is taking place.


What is going on with the Senior population?

We have been hearing for some time that people are remaining healthy and living longer, maybe even 30 years longer.

Could it be that the increase in "Gray Divorce" is a result of living longer?

Is a contributor the wide spread "Entitlement Mentality"?

"I have done my share and now it is time for me."

I think that over the years I have seen the "Stigma" of divorce drop to nearly zero. When I was a child, if I heard of anyone getting a divorce it was a really big scandal.

Many of the gray divorced couples have had successful careers and made a good income. They felt more financially stable.

But, we find that Gray Divorcees are really less financially secure. They do not have the benefits from their former spouse to make life more comfortable.

Many of them had just completed putting their children through college and that put a big dent in their retirement funds.

Many go through with the divorce out of emotions and often don't consider they will each have some kind of residence to maintain.

Frequently, couples going through divorce are so angry at each other that they will not sit down and work out a just settlement for each of them. Can each afford to purchase a separate home? Will they have enough to maintain it? Will they have to deal with reality and Rent?

There are situations, all too often, where one, usually the man will be so angry they stop paying bills and mortgage and the joint property gets foreclosed on. Now they have wrecked their credit and have seriously impaired their ability to get a suitable home for each.

If a divorce is looming, it is in the best interest of both parties to get with professionals who can guide them through the process in a sane and equitable manner.


I am a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and trained in Real Estate Divorce. I have built a great team of resources to help divorcing couples avoid the catastrophic results of a hotly contested divorce.

Aging brings it's own challenges and changes. Gray Divorce is a major challenge that can upset the whole apple cart.

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