Why Do I Need a Real Estate Divorce Specialist

Real Estate Divorce Specialist


Friends take sides in Divorces! If you are going through a divorce you need an impartial Real Estate Divorce Specialist.

 Now is NOT the time to hire you "realtor friend". 

If you are divorcing and selling a home, you need a real estate divorce professional who can not only empathize with what you are going through but also understand the legal and tax implications of dividing real estate in a divorce. Divorce is such a minefield of emotions that it presents a unique challenge for Realtors.

You need Real Estate Divorce Specialists with  training and experience in working with divorcing couples.

Real Estate Divorce Specialists do more than just sell houses; we facilitate cooperation between divorcing couples and their respective attorneys if needed. Cooperation will reduce stress levels and promote more advantageous terms.

Your Attorney, Arbitrator and/or Mediator Specialize in Divorce...So Should Your Realtor®