Buying A House With Less Stress

After listening to Real Estate Agents and from my own personal experiences with Home Buyers, I have concluded that there is far too much Stress in the process.

I Believe You Can Buy a House-With Less Stress.


I hear agents talking about showing a buyer 15-20 houses and then the buyer wants to change the area of town and the process starts all over again.


Here is a Check List that can help Agents and Home buyers reduce Stress:

1. As soon as possible, the agent and buyer should sit down face to face and talk about the process. This includes what you as an agent will do to guide them through the process. In this meeting fill out a buyer information sheet that will record the buyers most important things they want in their new home. This list should include location, size and features they consider necessary as well as budget.

2. Discuss the importance of how the home will be paid for. If it is a Cash transaction, the Buyer will need to have their Bank provide a Proof of Funds Letter. The Bank should be ready ASAP to provide a new letter for offers as the offer is negotiated. Only show enough to cover the offer.

If the purchase will require a Mortgage, the Buyer should contact a Lender who will help them through the process of determining the amount they can afford to spend on the New Home. The Agent should have some very professional recommendations to give the Buyer to contact. 

The Lender should be ready to change the amount on the Pre-Qualification letter to match the offer.


3. Now that all the preliminaries are in place, it is time to find houses that fit all the pre- determined criteria. The Agent should explain the process of viewing homes.

Here is where we can really take some stress out.

I prepare an info sheet for each home to be viewed. At the showing the Buyer should make notes on the sheet of things they really liked and any aspects of the home they did not like.

After the Second house is viewed, I then ask the Buyer to evaluate both homes they just went through and choose the one that they like BEST. Then we take out the second place home. They now only have ONE home in their hand.

After viewing the Third home we repeat the process. Choose between One and the current home. The Buyer then selects the one they like BEST.

I find this process helps because if you look at 10-20 homes it is nearly impossible to keep straight which home had which features that you liked. Try to choose from a large number of homes can be very Stressful and frustrating.

This process keeps the choosing down to 2 at all times. If the Same Home stays at the First Choice spot after a couple of viewings, it may be time to talk about that home in more detail. You may want to go back for a Second look. If it is still the Best choice then it is time to talk about making an offer.

When the Agent and the Buyer work together in an organized way it is possible to:

Buy A House-With Less Stress