Cape Coral, Florida, has gone from "Bust" to "Boom".

After the housing market crash, Cape Coral was No.1 in U.S. for Foreclosures.

Now Cape Coral, has risen from the dust and according to an annual study done by SmartAsset, is rated No.1 "Boomtown".

What does it take to be rated a "Boomtown"?

1. A large influx of new residents.

    Cape Coral is showing an influx of net migration that is equal to 2.9% of it's population.

2. A growing Economy.

    From 2012 to 2016 the GDP grew 5.2%.

3. Housing Growth

    The housing growth rate was 7.1%

4. Unemployment Rate

    The unemployment rate decreased to 3.5%


Cape Coral was ranked No.5 in the state by as one of the Safest cities in which to live in 2017.

  • Violent Crime rate went down 18.6%
  • Property Crime rate went down 7%     

Cape Coral has been called the Water Wonderland because of it's over 400 miles of canals. There are more canals in Cape Coral than any city in the world.

With the latest recognition as No.1 "Boomtown," Cape Coral could be called "The Land of Opportunity."


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